The British Isles

The British Isles, while a diverse and majestic place, is a very tricky subject to explain from a geographical standpoint. If someone says: “Oh, I’m British.” What does that mean exactly? Who’s British and who’s not? Are say, people from Scotland, British? Those are questions that plague many of us Americans. While I’m not going to bore you with too much detail, (which I have  a tendency to do at times) I’ll try to explain this expediently. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) is technically made up of four countries. They are: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. If someone is from any of the aforementioned areas then they are from the UK. That doesn’t mean they are all British! Though all Britons are from the UK, not all citizens of the UK are Britons. For example, the people of Northern Ireland are under British rule, but they are still Irish, not British. The Isle of Britain is split into three countries: England, Scotland, and Wales. People from the Isle of Britain are, naturally, called British. So to sum this up: the people of all four countries are citizens of the UK, but since Northern Ireland is on the Island of Eire, it is the only country of the UK that is not to be considered British.

What about the people of Southern Ireland (The Republic of Ireland)? Well, that country is completely separate from the UK. They are entirely “Irish”, so never (and I mean NEVER) call an Irishmen, British. The consequences could be disastrous. Even though, technically, the Islands of Eire (Ireland) and Britain together make up “The British Isles.” Does that make sense? I hope I haven’t totally confused you!

Anyways please click on any of the countries of the UK (more to be published), and since this is “The British Isles” menu page, I’ll Include the Republic of Ireland here as well…

 Northern Ireland


One of the most underrated countries of the UK and Ireland for that matter. For its size, Northern Ireland packs a punch in the “Natural Beauty Department” and excels in old castles and frightening rope bridges. Click here to find out more about those ten often forgotten counties of Northern Ireland.


There are two types of countries in my opinion. Comfort countries and ‘Un-comfort’ countries. Find out where England fits in while laying to rest two dreadful ‘English Myths.’ Click here to read more about the most influential country of the British Isles.


Looking down a gloomy street in Edinburgh Scotland contrasted with a bright red telephone booth

While geographically Scotland may just seem like England’s hat, it’s so much more. One of the few places on earth that can make you feel cozy just by breathing in the air. Click here to explore the land that gave us Haggis, man-skirts, and plaid.


Map of the British Isles


Map Key:

  • Tan: Visited Countries—No corresponding post (some may be on the way!).
  • Blue: Visited Countries—There’s a post for these!! Click away!

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