The word has its origins from ancient Greek meaning wide, or broad. It’s true, even though Europe is the second smallest continent in the world, by George, it packs wide, broad, diverse, and interesting into one nice neat sampler platter of culture. This relatively small landmass crams in about 50 countries. Each with its own diverse language (accent, dialect, etc), food, architecture, music, personalities, and so on. With the dissolving of most of the European borders, it makes it easy to waltz from country to country (though I’d prefer to cha-cha). It’s surreal how imaginary lines on a map can contain separate worlds. When you cross a border, say from Switzerland to Italy, it’s like you’ve stepped off an 11 hour flight (that’s oddly specific). How can this happen? One minute life is on time, polite, quiet, and clean. The next minute, everything is chaos! The people are loud, the music is loud, even the food is loud.

If you want bang for your buck, (especially with the decline of the Euro) give Europe a try. It will most certainly captivate you and keep you coming back for more!

Here’s some of the experiences I’ve had in this fascinatingly diverse continent…


The Facade of Notre Dame, Paris, France, Europe

Most European countries are often broken up into “Southern Mentality” and “Northern Mentality.” I am in no way relating them to the United States’ north and south divide. The directional mentalities may mean different things in different countries. In most cases the northerners are…(Read more)


Side Shot NSSWhether it be because of the language, the history, the food, or even the people, many are leery to visit Germany.  This article is designed to dispel 3 common ‘German Myths’ and show you some cool sights along the way. (Read more)


Date palms with Valencia Spain in the foreground

If you have a love of amazing architecture, beautiful beaches, captivating cuisine, and dehydrating oranges of death, then Spain is your country! (Read more)



Swiss Title Page

I’ve whipped up a fresh batch of travel myths to dispel, some fun facts to ponder, and a cheese that simply needs to be put in its place. Switzerland is just about as diverse as it is small. It’s definitely worth a trip to this continent within a country. (Read more)




Boat SignedSweden may not be the most popular tourist destination, but it sure has a lot to offer. And yes, there’s more than meatballs, Ikea, and ABBA. Read on to find out more about one of the most underrated European countries you could visit. (Read more)


Sailship Oslo Norway ScandinaviaThe land that brought you fluffy sweaters and angry bearded vigilantes with horned helmets. While we’re thankful for the many things Norway has added to our culture, many miss the opportunity to visit this Nordic nation. Partly because of how far out of the way it is and because it’s so incredibly expensive. But don’t let that deter you! Read on for some Norwegian tips, tricks, and off the wall stories. (Read more)

My Travels in Europe

Map Key:

  • White: Unvisited Countries…for now.
  • Tan: Visited Countries—Posts are on the way!
  • Blue: Visited Countries—There’s a post for these!! Click away!

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