Continents are hokey at best. To some there are only 5 continents. To others, there are 7. Europeans have told me that in their schools they were taught that N. American and S. America are just one continent. Ok, I can see their point, but if I’m going to concede that America is just one continent (though, technically it is separated by the, albeit manmade, Panama canal) then Europe and Asia can only be one continent. Since, they are, how you say, ‘ONE continent.’ So that makes it four continents: America, Eurasia, Africa, and Oceania. “Wait, what about Antarctica?,” you say? I don’t know, ask a European.

Anyways we’re here to talk about Oceania. Again, enter hokeyness. Do we pronounce it Oh-Shee-A-Nee-Ah, Oh-See-A-Nee-Ah, Oh-Shee-An-Ah, or Oh-See-An-Ah? Beats me! So whatever you want to call this place, it’s basically a region that includes Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and a ton of other South Pacific Islands. Very specific, eh?

Out of this ‘region,’ I’ve only been to two countries. They are:


Nadi, FijiNever in a million years did I think I would see the South Pacific island of Fiji (to sound like you know what you’re talking about, put the emphasis on the second syllable: fee-JEE, while holding your nose in the air, of course). This was only achieved by taking advantage of the typical travelers’ nuisance: the dreaded layover. (Read more)



Koala with Joey at Healesville Animal SanctuaryAustralia is possibly one of the most far-flung places you can visit, and many say it’s too far or too much of a hassle to get to. Let me tell you, it is worth the jet-lag. Read on for a humorous experience ‘down-under’, filled with rat-eating vagrants and a serious case of Vehicular Narcolepsy. (Read more)

My Travels in Oceania

  • White: Unvisited Countries
  • Blue: Visited Countries—There’s a post for these!! Click away!

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  1. Very fun and interesting reading indeed, you do have a wonderful, enjoyable, descriptive, writing talent. Although I must admit, I will have to enjoy and digest your Blog posts a little at a time, due to the overwhelming amount of your descriptive writing style, which I do thoroughly enjoy, it will require my deepest concentration to gain the most enjoyment. So, do keep me on your mailing list, even if I do get behind in my coverage of your Blogs, they will always be a highlight to look forward to reading.

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