About Me

Caution: This is the most boring page on this site. Read at your own risk, as fast as you possibly can. Or even better go check out the other pages!

Basically the point of this page is not to ‘toot-my-own-horn,’ it simply exists so that when someone googles: “Tyler Cramer” my site will show up, instead of some other site that features videos of kittens sleeping on their backs, next to their favorite toy. Can you imagine? Someone asks: “Hey you should send me some pictures from your trip!”, then I try telling them about my website. I say very clearly: “It’s tylercramer.com,” when the person gets home, instead of just plugging in the web address, they proceed to google my name (not sure why we all do this) then he/she is inundated with frilly little felines frolicking in catnip. Then, said person either (a) thinks I live in a remote shack with 22 cats and obsessively blogs their every move or (b) they love the videos, buy 22 kittens at their earliest convenience, proceed to move to a remote shack, and start their own cat blog called ‘Kitty Kingdom’. Either result would be horrifying (I get shivers just thinking about it).

Anyways, back to the purpose of this page. Apparently, in order to be ‘google-able’ you have to use what’s called a focus keyword (that word/phrase someone needs to search to find your site), which in this case is my name. The more I use it, the more findable I am. So just for good measure: Tyler Cramer, Tyler Cramer, Tyler Cramer.

I guess since this is technically an ‘About Me’ page, I could tell you a little about myself. Although most that visit this site won’t exactly be learning anything new, but here it goes.

I was born in Michigan, I grew up in Colorado, and I live in Florida. Because of all this moving from a young age, I was infected with the ‘travel bug’ (back when I got it, there was no vaccine). My first flight was an international flight, at the age of 18 months old. I haven’t stopped since. I’ve flown 134 times over 150,000 miles [240,000km] (you knew I’d keep track of that, didn’t you?) traversing 34 different countries across 5 continents so far.

I enjoy photography, humorous stories, travel, and trivia (Pina Coladas, when it rains, and long walks on the beach…oops sorry wrong page!). Put it all together and you get tylercramer.com! I hope you find the pictures enthralling, the stories entertaining, the places captivating, and the trivia, well…trivial.

Phew, glad that’s over! Now, if you haven’t wasted all your time on this silly little page, mosey on over to the more interesting destination pages or current posts!


Tyler Cramer (you know I just said that to get that focus keyword in there)

Editor’s Note: Just a few more: Tyler Cramer, Tyler Cramer, Tyler Cramer, Tyler Cramer, Tyler Cramer, Tyler Cramer, Tyler Cramer, Tyler Cramer, Tyler Cramer, Tyler Cramer, Tyler Cramer, Tyler Cramer. There, that should do it (wipes hands in satisfaction).